Latest News:

University of Lapland communication recognition award to OdigO-project (1.3.2023).

Guest Edited a Special Issue:

Päivi Rasi-Heikkinen, Hanna Vuojärvi, and I are guest edited a Special Issue "Age-Friendly Media Literacy Education for Older People" for Education Sciences Journal.
More information:

Doctoral Dissertation:

Rivinen, S. (2021). Developing Media Literacy Geragogy for Older People through Design-based Research. [Doctoral dissertation, University of Lapland].  Lauda.

Latest publications:

  • Rivinen, S., Rasi-Heikkinen, P., Vuojärvi, H., & Purtilo-Nieminen, S. (2022). Teacher Students' Designing Media Education for Older People: Creative and Need-Based Pedagogies Emphasized., 18(1). 

Latest international conferences: 

  • Rivinen, S., Vuojärvi, H., & Rasi-Heikkinen, P. (2022). Finnish higher education's pioneering initiatives to support aging populations' media literacies and digital competences. 10th ESREA Triennial Conference, 29.9-2.10.2022, Milan, Italy.
  • Rivinen, S. (2022). Panelist at the international conference: "Cross-border eCollaboration in Publishing the Guide on eServices for Seniors 55+ who Take Care of their Parents who are 75+, and Seniors' Digital Literacy" (online), 30.9.2022.


Approx. 3 min long videos produced in the OdigO project (The Skillful Tutors of Adults' and Aging Population's Digital Competences to Lapland -project)  in which I perform:

1/15: Pioneers from Finland - Research history of the Media Education Hub, the Faculty of Education, University of Lapland (in Finnish).
Speaker: Päivi Rasi-Heikkinen, Hanna Vuojärvi & Susanna Rivinen

2/15: What are digital competences? (in Finnish)
Speaker: Susanna Rivinen

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